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Vloeibare explosieve detector

De EMA is een compact apparaat dat is ontworpen voor de analyse van vloeistofcontainers en hun inhoud met als doel het detecteren van de mogelijke aanwezigheid van explosieve precursoren en explosieve vloeistoffen. Wanneer de operator de fles in de inspectieholte plaatst, wordt de aanwezigheid ervan automatisch gedetecteerd en wordt de analyse in ~ 5 seconden uitgevoerd.

Extra informatie

• Gecertificeerd volgens de ECAC-prestatievereisten voor Type B en Type A (optionele) vloeistofontplofbare detectiesystemen (LEDS)
• Nauwkeurige automatische inspectie van verzegelde en niet-verzegelde LAG's (vloeistoffen, spuitbussen en gels) in ~ 5 sec. (Type B) en ~ 4 sec. (Type A)
• Compact formaat en ergonomisch ontwerp
• Gecertificeerd voor het screenen van vloeistoffen in heldere, gekleurde en ondoorzichtige plastic en glazen, metalen en gemetalliseerde containers
• Zeer lage gecombineerde Hinder Alarm Rate: <0,4%
• Niet-ioniserende bron of deel in bewegingen
• Geen onderhoud vereist

The EMA is a compact device designed for the analysis of liquid containers and their contents with the goal of detecting the possible presence of explosive precursors and explosive liquids.

The content of the bottles is analyzed without the need to open the container as the detection is effected using simultaneous multiple sensing technologies.

The housing of the analyser, which is extremely robust, durable and easy to clean, is made of AISI 304 Stainless Steel and anti-friction plastic.

The Analyser consists of a main body, a control panel and an analysis compartment. In case of open containers such as cups and thermos flasks, it is possible to carry out the analysis by means of the type A integrated analyser (optional), using small disposable plastic sample cups to be inserted into an external probe.

Inspection of bottles or containers
Independently of their shape
Made of different materials
In a wide range of capacity

CEIA EMA and LEDS Requirements
Type B Liquid Explosive Detection Systems are intended for the inspection of individual liquid containers with the purpose of detecting explosives and their precursors, according to the current Regulation Authority requirements (EU Reg. No 185/2010).

As containers can be made of different materials and can have different geometry and volume, the use of multiple simultaneous physical principles is necessary for a reliable and secure screening.

The CEIA EMA analyser family design started in 2003; since then the number of sensors installed on-board have been growing in order to comply with the increasing requirements on the liquid threats to be detected and on the kind of containers to be inspected. The comprehensive set of sensors installed on the equipment makes the EMA liquid analyser a unique machine on the market providing very high security and set for future detection requirements.

The CEIA EMA includes an EU Standard 3 Certified type A analyser (optional) to screen loose liquids, open containers or following to an alarm on the type B section. A disposable cup allows sampling and measurement of a minimum quantity of liquid to be analysed. Operating principle
When the operator places the bottle in the inspection cavity, its presence is automatically detected and the analysis is performed in ~ 5 seconds.
The fields generated in the inspection cavity are weak in intensity and non-ionizing, therefore completely safe for the liquids and for the operator.
The fields interact with containers and with their content. The entire volume is analyzed in order to verify its conformity with allowed liquids.
After a few seconds, the unit provides an OK or ALARM message without requiring any data interpretation by the operator.
Calibration is carried out automatically by the unit.

Detection functions

Analysis of containers of perishable goods and paper without metal content
CEIA electromagnetic-profile analysis technology
0.5 ppm by weight Detection Sensitivity at maximum load (130160, 130200 models)
Tunnel useful area: 800 mm x 750 mm
Height of the conveyor belt: 875 mm ± 75 mm adjustable
Maximum transport weight: 135 ÷ 275 kg total (depending on the speed)
Speed range 20 to 50 m/minv
Inspection time Less than 1 min
Inspection capacity: Adjustable, up to 3,000 packs per hour


Material AISI 316L Stainless Steel
Protection degree IP65
Weight: 700 kg

Power supply

Supply voltage 200-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Maximum current 11.4 A

Programming and communications

Modern, rugged and user friendly interface
Easy to read, high-contrast (3000:1) graphic display
Rugged, anti-vandalic stainless steel keyboard
Programming access protected by multiple password levels
Selection of the operative program
Programming type: Local, through the built-in keyboard
Memory: 125 programs, 100000 storable events
USB Storage device connection

Alarm functions

Automatic slowing and stopping of the conveyor
Manual alarm reset and consequent restarting of the conveyor
Visible and audible alarms

Control inputs

Connection of: following conveyor authorization, emergency button
Serial interface RS232: Built-in
Bluetooth connection: Built-in (deactivable)
USB Interface: Built-in
Ethernet interface: Built-in 10 - 100 Base-T


5 programmable relays (30Vca – 2.5A) for the activation of external devices
Alarm relay
Ready relay
Ejector relay
Preceding conveyor relay
Item clear relay

Environmental data

Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C
Storage temperature: -25°C to +70°C
Relative humidity: 0 to 95% (without condensation)


Conforms to the international standards currently applicable for electrical safety and EMC, and to the applicable EC Regulations
Complies with Regulations relating to pacemakers, defibrillators or other vital support systems, pregnant women and magnetic storage media (floppy disks, audio cassettes, video cassettes and similar)

Applicable commodity groups

Grains and animal feed, produce, perishables, bakery goods, dry goods
Seafood and Meat
Textiles and Clothing (without metallic accessories)
Paper products, plastic, rubber
Printed Material
Flowers and herbs

For the following CCSF

Shipping facilities
Freight Forwarding Facilities
Third Party Logistics Providers
Manufacturing Facilities
Distribution Centers
Growers of produce

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